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Debra B. Fitzgibbons

I am a licensed clinical social worker in practice for over 30 years.  I was trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy and use this as a foundation for my work.  But,

the therapy itself is adapted to the client. I see therapy as an art form, where the therapist becomes finely attuned  to where the client is in life, and with that attunement  facilitates the client's growth.  Over the years, my clients have shared that they find me "down to earth", empathic, and able to look at resolutions that are out of the box.


I see adolescents, and adults (individually or as couples).

Clients who seek me out present with a broad and varied range of issues. My experience has taught me that clients usually have challenges that are not clear cut and frequently are a composite of multiple emotional struggles.  Anxiety, depression, grief work, relationship dynamics, and feeling stuck in unhealthy but familiar patterns, are examples of some the reasons someone might pursue therapy with me.


I am a special education advocate for Boulder Valley Schools and St. Vrain Schools.



About Me:

I attended Hiram College for my undergraduate work, and the University of Denver for my Masters Degree.  In addition to my private practice,  I have worked in conjunction with Wardenburg Student Health Center At CU, at Boulder Community Hospital in their Women's Treatment Center for Eating Disorders, Chemical Dependency, and PTSD issues, at the ACL as a special Education Advocate, and at Dawson School as their Counseling and Resource Director.  I was a play therapist for young children for a number of years.  


I have been a speaker at various conferences where I address the unique issues that arise for parents of kids with special needs.I facilitate a group for Mom of kids with special needs, "The Not So Special Group",  I see parents for consultations on parenting issues, of both atypical and neuro-typical children.  I am available to answer questions you may have about my practice.



Contact Info:


Phone: (303) 443-0089

Office Address:  6676 Gunpark Drive, 

                                     Suite E

                                     Boulder, CO 80301